Celtech raise €1079 for Focus Ireland

16 Nov Celtech raise €1079 for Focus Ireland

On October 16th, Darragh Fanning, Celtech’s Managing Director, will be leaving the comfort of his own home to sleep out in the elements, without shelter and with just a sleeping bag and a piece of cardboard. Darragh, along with many other business executives, will be living and experiencing what it is like to be homeless, with little to no belongings and inadequate comfort. The purpose of all of this is to raise awareness and to shed light on homelessness in Ireland. Hence, Focus Ireland have named this fundraising event, ‘Shine A Light’.

Focus Ireland work extremely hard to tackle the issue that is homelessness. Today, there are two more families with children becoming homeless, with some of these families experiencing unforeseen financial difficulties where they have no option but to live out on the street. Darragh, along with Celtech, wanted to help make a difference.

On the week of the 5th of October, Celtech held two bake sales to raise money for Focus Ireland. The first, took place in Celtech’s office located in Eastpoint, Dublin. The staff members of Celtech baked treats which were sold on the day, with all donations welcomed in exchange for brownies, cheesecake and flapjacks. Our neighbours, JDE Coffee, supplied coffee on the day to all of the guests.






Our second fundraiser took place on Wednesday. On this day, Celtech gathered down at the weekly Farmers Market to sell dozens of cupcakes in aid of Focus Ireland. By doing so, Celtech wanted to spread the word on the issue of homelessness, and to get the whole park involved in raising money for this worthy cause. Fortunately, the cupcakes were sold within two hours!





The two fundraising events resulted in raising a total amount of €1079 for Focus Ireland. The donations were greatly appreciated by both Celtech and Focus Ireland and all funds will be going towards a worthy cause. Together, we can all help to Shine A Light on Homelessness.


If you wish to donate you can do so by visiting here.