Happy 20th Birthday to ShelfLife

16 Nov Happy 20th Birthday to ShelfLife

To celebrate 20 years, ShelfLife asked Celtech to contribute to their special anniversary issue to comment on the biggest evolutions in the retail industry over the last 20 years:

“20 years ago broadband didn’t exist as a way to communicate with stores, it was primarily dial-up over basic telephone lines using ‘screechy’ PSTN modems that might reach 14.4kps if the connection was good. The focus was on minimising and compressing data for transmission, to reduce call time and charges. Every evening, head-office users would have to come off the system to allow the nightly extract and communications process with stores to begin. The stores also had to exit the system and put it into night mode.

Every morning head-office I.T. had to manually connect with stores that would have inevitably failed. If there were too many stores to ‘poll’ each night a ‘rolling polling’ system was adopted to link with different stores each night of the week. As a result it could take a week to get sales information for all stores and at least another week to fix any pricing issues.

Over the last 20 years, ShelfLife has been invaluable in providing the latest news and insights that have helped us to shape our technology and service strategy to best serve the ever changing needs of retailers.”

Darragh Fanning, Celtech Managing Director