Innovating for co-op success

29 Apr Innovating for co-op success

We have been working with the co-op sector in the UK for 15 years, partnering with large regional and smaller regional chains across England.

Throughout that time, our co-op customers have benefitted from working with a technology partner who not just understands the values and strategic objectives of the co-operative movement but also brings innovation from the retail sector.

Celtech’s unique product set means that a co-op can go on the journey to real-time in a very measured way, with our ab-initio application “wrapping around” existing systems and filling the gaps with functionally rich applications & point solutions.

Its multiple integration options offer complete flexibility, and the Live View module delivers unprecedented visibility of a co-op’s operation, in true real-time.

In addition, our expertise gained from the wholesale sector means that we can work with our co-op partners to optimise their supply chain and embed efficiencies in how they run their businesses.

Innovate to differentiate

With each co-op being at the heart of its community, we work with each society to identify what makes them unique and provide a sophisticated software solution that responds to the needs of its staff, members and customers.

We collaborate closely with our society partners to ensure that their customer offer is relevant and gives the co-op the autonomy and independence that’s part of their identity.

Our software application is designed to encourage co-operation among co-operatives, where requests for bespoke functionality from one co-op are developed and made available to everyone.

Strategic benefits to co-ops

Our ab-initio application is built to provide the platform for co-op business growth. There are 5 strategic areas we focus on with each society, namely:

  1. Growing sales
  2. Reduce costs across their business
  3. Mitigating risks
  4. Streamlining processes
  5. Creating new customer & member experiences

Our dedicated Co-op Customer Ambassador undertakes regular structured visits to customers’ sites and provides a single point of contact for the IT department and the senior management team. There is always someone to call who understands their business priorities and who is fully committed to achieving success for the customer.  All of our Customer Ambassadors possess a deep level of product expertise and co-op experience to add value to the customer relationship, with some being ex co-op employees.

The Customer Ambassador is also responsible for informing the co-op about new ab-initio functionality in person as well as conducting training and providing ongoing support.

Membership and loyalty

Membership is a vital component of the co-operative experience. We place a high degree of importance on constantly improving this through developing new technology and processes to increase a Member’s economic participation. We want every member to be a loyal customer and to ensure voting capability is easily accessible in-store.

Added value services from Celtech:

Co-ops can work with Celtech by subscribing to our ‘Platform As A Service’ where the capabilities of ab-initio are delivered and supported as a fully managed solution. This means that societies don’t have internal IT departments managing the core business, and provides a very flexible approach to working with Celtech.

Our ‘Analytics As A Service’ initiative is where we work with a co-op to understand their data, understand consumer behaviour, reveal trends within the business and provide recommendations for continuous improvement. We can offer the customer a low cost / high value proposition with the delivery of meaningful information very quickly.


We believe in technology as an enabler to growth strategies for co-operatives. Our co-op customers run their retail operations on the sector’s most powerful, scalable, flexible, and efficient platform.

It’s the retail platform that co-ops trust.