The 4 P’s = Product, Price, Promotions and Place

ab-initio product management
ab-initio price management
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Space and Range
ab-initio product management

ab-initio has the ability to manage a wide degree of product types through one centralised single real-time database. These product types range from food, consumer electronics, entertainment, convenience products such as mobile top-ups and lottery tickets, and further item types include funerals, travel, homeware, car and insurance sales. This one centralised database provides a consolidated and comprehensive single point of reference database for all merchandise within the business.

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The main functions of this module are:

  • Real-time Product Management: Because all points in the business refer to one live central database, changes such as product price are reflected instantly in real-time across the entire estate, without any further system or human intervention.
  • Single View of all Product Data: ab-initio provides you with a single view of products, price and promotions across all channels.
  • Product Data Sharing: ab-initio can be integrated with third party suppliers through an API that enables product data sharing. This data can include various types of metrics from customer demographics to general sales information.
  • Rich Product Information: Retailers can manage product information within ab-initio, with true to life attribute characteristics and relationship structures.
  • Substitutions management: ab-initio will provide the system user with recommended and automatic intelligent substitutions for products when they are out of stock or unavailable.
  • Customer Facing Products: Customer facing products are configurable and managed within ab-initio. There are infinite flexible merchandising hierarchies for grouping products so the retailer can manage products as they wish.
  • Supplier Access Portal: ab-initio contains a supplier access portal where direct vendors can manage general product updates.
  • Unlimited Barcodes.
  • Bulk item management and electronic interface feeds, to reduce manual entry and risks.

ab-initio provides retailers with a complete and powerful price management and margin modelling tool that can be used to effectively decrease costs, and increase total profit margin.

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The main functions of this module are:

  • Differentiation Pricing: ab-initio can differentiate pricing across all levels of merchandising, taking bands; grades; customers; customer types; stores; distribution channels into consideration.
  • Price Recording: All historic pricing and future prices can be recorded via ab-initio.
  • Real-time Price Management: Because all points in the business refer to one live central database, any product pricing changes are reflected instantly in real-time across the entire estate, without any further system or human intervention.
  • Reporting: ab-initio can take any internal and external purchasing order factors such as uplift costs into consideration when adding the overall profit margin for a particular product.
  • Full Pricing Suite: ab-initio has the ability to manage various different types of pricing schemes such as:
    • Standard retail pricing: variant specific prices dependent on size, colours, combinations etc.
    • Band pricing: pricing based on demographics and regional location of the store.
    • Competitor pricing: competitive pricing to tackle direct competition’s promotions.
    • Unit based pricing: variable pricing based on weight, volume and other formulas.
    • Multi-pack pricing: pricing including split-adders and case-pack alignments.
    • Rental pricing: variable pricing for renting, including subscriptions, promotions and late return fees.
    • Trade-in pricing: variable by criteria and payment types – credit, cash or redemption.
    • News and publications pricing: variable by issue of newspaper.
ab-initio price management
ab-initio promotions blue

Promotions management includes coupons, loyalty and rewards, which are managed and executed within ab-initio, excluding the need for any third-party system. This capability enables retailers to define qualifier and reward based promotions across all levels of merchandising hierarchy and product attributes. ab-initio enhances retailers customer knowledge and enables them to improve promotional offers, driving volume and customer value through complex deals.

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The main functions of this module are:

  • Cross product type promotions: Promotions can be executed integrating retail, rental, used and traded products.
  • Customer specific promotions: Promotions can be designed specifically targeting a type of customer or based on this customer’s behaviour instore.
  • Day and Time specific promotions: Promotions can be executed at a certain time of day or a chosen day of the month/year and have redemption limited within this timeframe.
  • Store/Web specific promotions: Promotions can be designed to apply to online orders only, store orders only, or both.
  • Best or Worst Reward: Retailers can choose whether they would like their promotions to offer their customers the best or worst reward in a promotion (i.e. the lower priced product for free or the higher priced product for free).
  • Overlapping Promotions: ab-initio can detect any conflicting promotions and determine which promotion applies to the customer.
  • Promotions Prompting: ab-initio prompts the cashier about promotions taking place on the day or time of transaction.
  • Reporting: Promotional analysis and reports are provided within ab-initio. These reports inform the retailer of the operational performance and supplier rebate charging of particular promotions.

This capability describes how a retailer can manage space within their store and the range in which they present their products. ab-initio interfaces with other 3rd party applications to provide such space and range information for retailers. By optimising your store space and range, you have the opportunity to maximise your store space to communicate better with the customer, which results in higher customer satisfaction and sales.

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The main functions of this module are:

  • Catalogue Management: ab-initio enables automatic store and web product range optimisation based on multiple factors such as store range; store demographic; store plan; product type. This store space and range optimisation can be carried out without any head-office intervention.
  • Date Based: Management can schedule future range changes in the store.
  • Planogram design and visualisation integration: ab-initio can interface with other 3rd party applications to enhance the space and range optimisation process.
  • Supplier Integration: ab-initio can take supplier’s premium positioning of a certain product range into account.
Space and Range

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