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Customer loyalty is tightly integrated as part of the overall ab-initio suite, particularly promotions and smart coupons. ab-initio’s loyalty enables you to provide your customers with their real-time loyalty balance and the ability to convert their points to credit at any time, according to the predefined rules set out by the business. This real-time loyalty data feeds into loyalty promotion campaigns and management can tailor loyalty schemes to suit a particular type of customer.

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The main functions of this module are:

  • Real-time Loyalty Balance: ab-initio’s loyalty engine automatically calculates the appropriate points to reward the customer. This up to the second loyalty balance is shown at the bottom of every receipt and can also be viewed online. Because the points are updated centrally in real-time, customers have access to an up to date loyalty account balance at any time.
  • Web Loyalty Accounts: Customers have access to their loyalty accounts online where they can also get a full audit break-down of their loyalty membership and historical transactions.
  • Convert points to Credit: Loyalty points can be instantaneously converted to credit for customers to spend anywhere across the estate. These conversions are based on predefined rules which are configurable via ab-initio. These rules can identify certain customers and their conversion rate – for example, club members points could be converted at a rate of 1 point = £0.01, whereas standard members could accumulate points until they are converted as part of a periodic dividend calculation.
  • Expiration: ab-initio enables you to define a predetermined expiration date so that if the customer does not use them before a certain date, they expire automatically. ab-initio also deducts loyalty points if a customer returns items.
  • Loyalty Schemes: Multiple loyalty schemes can be defined and targeted for different customers within ab-initio. These loyalty schemes are fully configurable and are member specific so that you can determine the rules of the schemes for ab-initio to deliver the promotion too.Schemes can be defined at multiple levels such as overall basket spends level or different departments.
  • Reporting and Analytics: ab-initio provides total exposure to the business enabling all loyalty and customer points to be instantly visible for management purposes. This data enables management to use these behavioural insights to tailor loyalty schemes that delight and enthuse both existing and new customers.

Coupons and rewards is another component of the ab-initio promotions suite. It enables retailers to manage all store coupons and reward schemes within one centralised system. Promotions are fully configurable within ab-initio and can be issued according to the type of customer or their behaviour.

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The main functions of this module are:

  • External and Internal Coupons: ab-initio supports both external and internal coupons. External coupons are considered as print-based coupons with the same barcode that can be used multiple times. Internal coupons are defined within the ab-initio system with each coupon containing a unique barcode, limiting the coupon to only be used on a once-off basis.
  • Multiple Types of Promotions: ab-initio supports a plethora of promotion types. These promotions are configurable within ab-initio as a store can define any promotion they wish. Promotion attributes include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Date Range
  • Store Specific
  • Day Specific
  • Hour Specific
  • Best/Worst Reward
  • Exclusions
  • Smart Coupons: ab-initio enables you to issue smart coupons to your customers based on rewards of a promotion, historical customer behaviour and buying patterns. Ab-initio records all redemptions of the smart coupons within the system.
  • Full Coupon Tracking: ab-initio tracks all coupons from the point it is raised to redemption.
  • Insights & Analytics: ab-initio provides you with data to help you better understand your customers, better personalise each customer engagement and help improve the ROI of the promotion.
  • Electronic Coupons: All coupons can be issued via smartphones and e-mail which can be scanned and redeemed in store or online.
ab-initio personalised coupon
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ab-initio encompasses an intelligent promotions suite where retailers can improve their promotional offers through coupons, rewards and loyalty. ab-initio enhances the store’s customer knowledge and helps them to drive volume and customer value through complex deals.

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  • Analytics: ab-initio offers retailers comprehensive insights and reports to help them understand their customers better and to personalise each customer engagement.
  • Coupons: Coupons can be issued to customer based on multiple variances. Smart coupons, electronic coupons and unique coupons can be raised and tracked within ab-initio to the point of redemption.
  • Loyalty: ab-initio’s loyalty enables you to provide your customers with their real-time loyalty balance and the ability to convert their points to credit at any time, according to the predefined rules set out by the business