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We name our Point of sale software, ‘Point of Service’ because it is much more than just an ordinary point of sale. ab-initio’s point of service include POS, CCTV, Web browser, the stores e-commerce website and the Back Office function. This integration of standard till and back office enables you to manage all store operations with the touch of a button.

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The main functions of this module are:

  • Real-Time: ab-initio enables your point of service to be centralised in real-time with real-time central monitoring of all transactions across your estate and real-time stock visibility.
  • Recovery: No transaction can ever be ‘lost’ within ab-initio. Fault-tolerance and recovery to the point of failure enables this by ensuring that transactions are fully accounted for during cash-up.
  • Java POS: ab-initio POS function is 100% Java and is completely free of any third-party software licence dependence – including database and operating system.
  • Automatic Updates: ab-initio is updated automatically over the web. It operates completely in real-time when linked to the central system, or offline when stand-alone.
  • Configurable Interface: The look-and-feel of ab-initio is configurable and completely ‘skinable’ to comply with the retailer’s corporate brand and image. Hotkeys are also configurable to suit the retailer’s requirements.
  • Payment Types: ab-initio POS can accept all payment types including eWallets, Gift Cards, Coupons, Credit Notes, Vouchers, Credit Accounts, Debit and Credit Cards, Contactless Payments, Loyalty rewards and Cash.
  • Customer Facing Display Images: ab-initio POS integrates with a customer facing display screen to show customers product images and details of the transaction.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): Customers can transfer money from one account to another through ab-initio POS.
  • Age Checking & Reporting: ab-initio prompts till users to request identification from the customer for certain products.
  • Save & Recall: The save and recall function enables till users to save an incomplete transaction and recall it at a later stage across all of the tills in the store.
  • PayPoint: ab-initio enables integrated PayPoint.
  • Mobile Top-Up: ab-initio POS can complete mobile top-up transactions.

Self-Checkout is a capability used for queue busting in larger grocery stores. Customer service is greatly improved as staff members can be deployed to help customers on the shop floor rather than behind the till. This means customers are getting through the checkout quicker and are increasingly satisfied. ab-initio supports this capability and can provide hardware from world-class technology vendors such as IBM and Wincor.

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The main functions of this module  are:

  • Compatibility: ab-initio enables you to continue using your existing POS system.
  • Hardware: ab-initio self-checkout is fully integrated with IBM/NCR and Wincor hardware.
  • Two Handed Scanning: This enables customers to scan items sequentially and move through the self-checkout a lot quicker.
  • Weight Checking: ab-initio self-checkout has a weight checking capability where it recognises the weight of a customer’s shopping bag to determine the number of products inside.
  • Compatibility: ab-initio enables the retailer to continue using their existing POS system and integrating ab-initio’s self-checkout capability.
  • Payment Options: Multiple payment options are supported including Contactless payment.
  • Configurable User Interface: We deliver a fully integrated configurable UI to support complex business logic.
ab-initio self checkout
ab-initio fuel

ab-initio enables retailers to supplement fuel sales alongside other merchandising within one centralised database.

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The main functions of this module are:

  • Integrated Codacs and Price Totem: All forecourt devices are integrated with ab-initio enabling retailers to recognise all pump events from their POS.
  • Dry and Wet Stock Mixed Transactions: ab-initio can process sale transactions including fuel alongside other products.
  • Drive Off: ab-initio keeps a record of all registration plates with transaction details for security and audit purposes.
  • Accepts Chip & Pin Fuel Cards.
  • Third Party Fuel Loyalty Schemes are integrated within ab-initio.
  • Fairbanks Reconciliation: the ibank records every customer transaction and every tank stock-level change enabling Fairbanks to deliver world class leak detection, equipment diagnostics, pump flow rate and meter drift monitoring, in-tank alarm reporting and loss investigation escalation, automated fuel replenishment facilities and environmental compliance monitoring.

ab-initio news management enables stores to provide publication and issue based pricing, manage and satisfy customer requirements and manage all ordering and distribution capabilities, within one centralised system.


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The main functions of this module are:

  • Defined Publication SKU’s: News management requires defining each newspaper at an issue level, with each issue comprising of a different SKU. These SKU’s are defined by issue reference which is normally the date of issue (i.e. Irish Times Monday the 4th of December). Each issue has its own stock holding.
  • Customer Account Management: ab-initio enables you to manage all bespoke news customer requirements. Customer accounts can be monitored and charged accordingly with a real-time view of account history and transactions.
  • Multiple Payment Methods: ab-initio enables three different types of payment methods for news customers: walk-in order; account save; shop save.
  • Customer Holidays: ab-initio can temporarily suspend a customer’s news requirements for a period of time, managing the customer’s demands efficiently.
  • Reporting: All publication distribution is monitored and tracked which determines a customer’s newspaper invoice and the store’s delivery requirements.
ab-initio news

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