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ab-initio’s advanced forecasting and replenishment module enables retailers to optimise investment in stock and avoid wastage throughout their business. This is done by using both simple and complex industry best practices algorithms to forecast stock orders in true real-time via ab-initio. This capability can forecast requirements at all points in the supply chain which leads to reducing out-of-stock rates, shortening out-of-stock times and improving the availability of stock.

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The main functions of this module are:

  • Forecasting and Replenishment models: Multiple replenishment models are supported within ab-initio. These various models within the replenishment and forecasting algorithm include some of the following: One to One; Daily; Min Max; Moving average; Forecast. These models are used effectively within ab-initio to forecast stock based on the stores sales history from a configurable number of days/weeks.
  • Promotions and Seasonality: ab-initio detects promotional uplifts when forecasting stock replenishment. It also caters for changing customer demand during different holiday occasions throughout the year at both a national and local level.
  • Order Scheduler Prompter: ab-initio can prompt users at a configurable time and date to review a stock order report, to send this report to the supplier and to receive the goods from the supplier. A store may have multiple schedules for different suppliers and/or multiple schedules for the same supplier on different days.
  • Product Categories: ab-initio has the ability to adopt specific strategies for each merchandise category – chilled; frozen; ambient; non-food; fast-moving and slow moving.
  • Multi-Profile: ab-initio enables you to take on the profile of another store or depot, category, sub category or individual product.

ab-initio extends your trading operations to suppliers and customers through intelligent portals to enhance the customer experience, improve efficiencies throughout your organisation and drive savings. This attention to detail delivers an improved service and eliminates routine enquiries that can waste time and money as well as valuable resources that can be focused elsewhere.

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  • Specific Currencies: The flexibility of the system enables you to integrate different currencies into one centralised database.
  • Performance Management: ab-initio manages the timeliness of deliveries, the accuracy of delivered quantities and the quality of the delivered product.
  • Consignment Stock Management: ab-initio enables you to store goods and pay the supplier when the goods have been purchased.
  • Electronic Interface Support: ab-initio enables reducing paper handling and manual entry processes and the risks in relation to product details, ordering, deliveries and invoicing.
  • Configurable cost structures at supplier and supplier/item level.
ab-initio Supplier
ab-initio Warehouse

The warehouse management capability closely aligns with the other tracks within the Supply Chain module. ab-initio’s integrated management system ensures tracking inventory levels and stock locations has never been easier, ensuring that stock from the warehouse to the store are monitored and accounted for.

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The main functions of this module are:

  • Multiple Receiving Options: ab-initio’s warehouse management enables EDNs, Green-lane receiving, blind receiving, and single or multiple step receiving.
  • Short shelf-life validation and catch weight management.
  • Enables automatic picking, packing and dispatching.
  • Full Tracking: Pallets, boxes and containers are all tracked within ab-initio in real-time.
  • Internal location management: ab-initio provides bulk, bulk to pick face replenishment and bin location management within warehouse management.
  • Inter-location transfers: Products can be transferred from warehouse to store, or store to store – all in real-time.
  • Global serial number tracking.
  • Stock-taking: ab-initio enables global visibility across all locations, PSA, adhoc, exception based and gap analysis.
  • Markdown management and price adjustments.
  • Wastage management: short-shelf life management
  • Repairs and warranty tracking.

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