The evolution of Live View

16 Jan The evolution of Live View

The Live View module within Celtech’s industry-leading ab-initio platform is a very sophisticated and intuitive enquiry, reporting, and analytics tool is designed specifically for multi-site and multi-channel retailers and wholesalers.

It provides a true real-time view of the business … as it’s happening … and has led the way in the industry’s move away from end-of-day reporting to live visibility.

Being able to instantly see what is going on anywhere in the business, and then having the capability to intervene and implement changes immediately across that business, is a game changer for retailers and wholesalers, and provides significant competitive advantages.

Live View has a responsive browser-based interface so can be accessed from anywhere on any modern web-enabled device.

Live View offers retailers and wholesalers:

  • A comprehensive suite of Dashboards and Reports: ab-initio provides insightful, accurate and actionable dashboards and real-time  dynamic enquiries, supported by printed reports as required
  • Business Intelligence: Because ab-initio is a single, centralised database, there is no dependence on third-party report writers, data-warehouses or business intelligence tools needed to provide these insights.
  • Total accessibility: The real-time dashboards and reports are browser based and can be accessed from any web-enabled devices including mobiles, tablets and desktops.
  • Flexible customisation: Reports can be filtered to any product type, store, store type etc.
  • Non-conformance: ab-initio’s Live View detects any outlier/ abnormal activities/ data and produces a detailed non-conformance matrix by store.
  • Ease of sharing data: All reports can be easily exported to PDF or Excel for further manipulation.
  • Historical Reports: Historical reports can be viewed specific to a certain day/week/month, store type and location of store.

— The Connected Customer Experience —

We are actively working on taking Live View to the next level by considering customer activities and behaviour across the entire customer journey.

The objective behind this initiative is to provide sophisticated analytics and machine learning to drive optimum targeted and personalised campaigns to increase profitable sales.  The result will be a consistent customer experience across all touch-points and a 360 degree view of the customer.

– 1 –

  • Introducing Customer Analytics and Trends. The complete suite of ab-initio’s personalisation features enable full visibility of customer activities. This offers 2 parallel views provided by the platform. ‘Live View’ and ‘My View’
  • My View serves up the Customer View, detailing the full list of their transactional relationship and status with the retailer or wholesaler. It lists all of their transactions, loyalty credit, coupon status, most frequently bought products etc. This leverages real-time data and gives the customer a complete view of their entire relationship with the retailer / wholesaler. This visibility enables the customer to be able to self-serve as they have access to the same information held by the retailer. It’s a window into a world normally held by the retailer/wholesaler and by allowing access, this will lead to a growth in consumer trust.
  • The complete transparency provided by Live View from the retailer / wholesaler’s side offers unique capabilities and opportunities for insightful customer analytics. This enables much more sophisticated customer segmentation and provides a multi-layered view of customer data to unveil new opportunities for the business.

– 2 –

  • Introducing Machine Learning. We can leverage the power of the centralised ab-initio platform in order to drive operational activities that would benefit from predictive insights, based on historical data, such as promotional forecasting, and, where appropriate, automating such operational activities. These insights provide a window to understand customer purchasing behaviour and to use data to predict future purchase behaviour. This enables retailers and wholesalers to drive cross-channel marketing activities, for example electronic and paper based smart coupons, personalised promotions and other targeted marketing campaigns.