The internal focus – a retailer’s perspective (Part 2)

27 Jul The internal focus – a retailer’s perspective (Part 2)

The second is theme to address as a progressive retailer is the concept of ‘true real-time’.

A new retail management solution that enables the complete visibility of the business to the retail management team in true real-time isn’t the future of retailers.

Its here now, trusted and proven by retail chains across Ireland and the UK.

For those progressive retailers with it already deployed, the benefits to their business are numerous such as being able to fix issues as soon as they arise, react and quickly implement change, and to capitalise on new opportunities as they happen. Previously these items were hidden in a report issued at day end or upon request, and with it disappeared the chance of creating a winning customer experience.

The rise of multiple shopping channels, including the latest ‘conversational commerce’ channel relies on a centralised, true real-time retail management system that provides a singular view of the business – as it happens. The accuracy of the data is paramount for conversational commerce. Automated information can help anticipate what the customer wants.

Customers expect to be able to check if a product stocked, purchase it from anywhere, collect it from anywhere and return it to anywhere. Customers don’t think in channels.

This is a logistical and operational headache for retailers how operate multiple data sources. The singular point of integration removes this pain and radically improves data and information accuracy across the business.