The internal focus – a retailer’s perspective (Part 1)

11 Jul The internal focus – a retailer’s perspective (Part 1)

When we are looking at innovation in retail technology, we look at 2 areas.

The internal focus for the retailer, and the external customer-facing focus.

Both are as important as the other, however lot of media coverage is understandably on the more ‘headline friendly’ customer side.

Looking at the Internal side for retailers, we have identified 2 broad themes that are common to small, medium and large retailers. We will explore these over a series of blog posts.


The first theme is ‘Simplification’

Simplification is an important strategy that we see being embraced by retailers in an effort to focus on their customer and core retail operations.

This is achieved by ‘taking the IT away’ from retailers, thereby removing all the traditional challenges associated with operating everything in-house.

By providing retailers with a fully managed subscription, supported by expert consultancy services, everything from infrastructure to software and hardware is packaged into a singular offer, enabling retailers to have a real platform for growth. In essence the retailers can focus on serving their customers better and more efficiently by delegating the problem to specialists.

To really simplify a retailer’s systems architecture, the goal is to operate from a robust technology platform with a single centralised database that is updated in real-time by the entire business. The process involves leaving behind more conventional solutions which feature a collection of distributed point systems and databases patched together using middleware.

With pre-determined disciplines and common retail processes built in as standard, ‘efficient scalability’ can be achieved by retailers who are trying to grow efficiently.


Our next post will explore the benefits of running your retail business in true real-time.